About Us

Long-time visitors to St. Maarten will know the restaurant named "Da Livio," named for Livio, Lara Bergamasco's dad, one of the island's most renowned restaurateurs.

Although Livio has retired, the family tradition of culinary excellence is carried forth today by Lara. After graduating from college in the U. S., Lara went to London for training at the Savoy hotel, where she met her partner, Ciro Russo. A native of Lecco, Italy, 20 minutes from Lake Como, Ciro worked at the Ritz in London as well as for Princess Cruises.

"We decided to come to St. Maarten to work, leaving the cold English weather behind," Lara says with a smile. Not long after returning, Lara and Ciro were married.

After working at several different restaurants on the island, Lara and Ciro began to think of opening their own -- and Spiga was born.

Opened late in 2002, Spiga became an instant hit and today is one of the most popular restaurants in Grand Case. With Lara greeting you and Ciro working his magic behind the scenes in the kitchen, you'll quickly learn why so many people make Spiga a must-stop during every St. Martin visit.